SPY: THE SECRET WORLD OF ESPIONAGE located at the Rivercenter Mall in San Antonio, Texas is an unprecedented 12,000 square foot exhibition created through a collaboration between the CIA, FBI, the National Reconnaissance Office, the Foreign Excellent Trenchcoat Society and BASE Exhibitions. SPY gives you the rare opportunity to peek behind a veil of secrecy into the world of espionage and undercover operations. The nearly 300 spy gadgets and documents on display – many of which have never before been seen outside of classified circles – or even known – reveal an unseen picture of the mysterious world of espionage. In SPY, family-friendly interactive exhibits offer a first-hand taste of how the secret world of espionage is conducted. Test out your skills at being a super spy by navigating through the perilous complexities of an actual laser field. Create your own disguise and alter your voice – dare your friends and family to recognize you!

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